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  • June Viewsletter 2019

    We're recapping our month of May as we head into June! Tour De Moljo was a success - get ready for our June Challenge! We attended awesome events, welcomed our new Coach, Ryan & celebrating our new Member of the Month!! ....

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  • Move Better Today!

    Move Better Today!

    If you are someone who works at a desk for most of the day (whether it be a sitting or standing one), behind the wheel of a car, or just being idol in general; there is a great chance that your body is suffering from a lack of mobility. To you, this may feel like stiff muscles, lack of flexibility, or just general aches and pains. The other weekend, we spent the day with Kettlebell and Mobility expert Phil McDougall and we learned some pretty awesome ways to make our bodies a little more mobile! Phil urged us to get our clients moving more. Because many of us are stuck behind a desk for a large portion of the day, it is important to make it a point to get up and move around. Not just ....

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  • We Want Share This Awesome Stuff !! 5/13/19

    We Want Share This Awesome Stuff !! 5/13/19

    Welcome back to another Monday! Here are a few articles we wanted to share that can hopefully provide some useful tips and helpful information. Rewards of Lifelong Exercise More Sleep vs More Exercise 5 Ways to Tune Up Your Body in 5 Min Have a great week!!! Best, Team Moljo ....

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  • May Viewsletter 2019

    We had a great month in April, now on to May! We are bringing all of last month's highlights, exciting events coming up, Member of the Month, and of course, more bike challenges! ....

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  • Finding Motivation & Staying on Track!

    Finding Motivation & Staying on Track!

    Put your thoughts into action. Finding motivation can be difficult at times, but sometimes the pain of not doing something can be greater than the effort of actually doing it - that's where change occurs. Taking just ONE step in the right direction, will ensure motivation to follow. Follow these tips on getting motivated and staying on track! 1. Remember your "Why"
    Remind yourself, why did you stat? Why do you want this? What do you actually want to become? 2. Use Accountability
    Tell a coach or a friend about your goals and have them hold you accountable for sticking to it. Check in daily & weekly to make sure you are on track! 3. Rely on habits & discipline
    When things get ....

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  • Start Celebrating TODAY!

    Start Celebrating TODAY!

    We're all guilty of letting the number on the scale affect us. Chasing a number can be frustrating and often sometimes deceiving. There are numerous ways you can measure your success and recognize your non-scale victories! Use these tips to help keep you on track and motivated - Remember, all of your improvements are seen along the journey! Start Celebrating YOUR Non-Scale Victories TODAY!:
    Clothes Fit Better Energy Levels Increased Improved Confidence Changes In Measurements Better Sleep Less Cravings Improved Performance

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  • Boost Your Mindset!

    Boost Your Mindset!

    When was the last time you took a just a few minutes to reflect? Making sure your mind and emotions are in check is just as important as making sure your body is. Mindset and attitude are everything when it comes to facing obstacles, solving problems, and even your overall happiness. Here are a few articles that shine some light on it! The Four Keys to Well-Being Your Well-Being: More Than Just a State of Mind Happiness & Emotional Well-Being ....

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  • Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for Making Me Fat.

    Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for Making Me Fat.

    Now I'm confident that title of this blog grabbed your attention for a couple reasons. Number one, it's an outrageous title….and number two, perhaps you are a parent who has a child that struggles with their weight and as a parent you're having some trouble finding resources to help them out. In no way is this blog a personal attack on anyone, especially parents of overweight kids. Rather, it is an opportunity for me to air out my experiences as an overweight kid in the hopes of educating and inspiring parents be the biggest advocate of health for their child. Here comes my credibility plug! I grew up in a Puerto Rican household with my fantastic cook of a Mother, my ....

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  • April Viewsletter 2019

    We're gearing up for Spring!! We are bringing you all the updates on our new class schedules, our 42 Day Transformation Challenge and hear about our April Challenge (warning: Hope you like the bike) ! ....

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  • Three Tips to Freshen Your Routine!

    Three Tips to Freshen Your Routine!

    Spring is here! The days are getting warmer and now is great time to kickstart your motivation for the season! Start by incorporating these three tips and feel a newly refreshed routine! 1. Find your "why"
    Shaping up doesn't always mean losing weight. Your "why" might be just to feel good, have more energy throughout the day, or know you are doing something good for your body. Once you decide why you are doing this for yourself, you will feel the powerful ability to commit to it. 2. Do Something Active Every Day
    Eliminate excuses to stay stationary. Any moving around you do is good for your body, physically and mentally. Find some activities you truly enjoy or move around any way ....

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