Lesson 9: Simple is Better

This lesson is being brought to you at the beginning of the summer for a reason!

The weather is getting nice so everyone is getting into the summer body workout craze. The college athletes are trickling back into the gym with their laundry list “programs”. The weather is improving. There’s more sun, it’s getting warm, flowers are blooming and everything is well (except for those who suffer from allergies). Energy levels are increasing, people are getting happier as the days get longer, and the desire for CHANGE, the desire to do something MORE is upon us.

Heck, even I am guilty of the sudden desire to up my physical regimen. In the past week, I have wanted to make several changes to my workouts, my diet, and I have had several ideas that I want to pursue all at once.  I am suddenly excited to make my program BETTER somehow, ready to make changes!

Do these feelings sound familiar?

Now before you get the impression that I am saying changing things up is bad, I am not.  Before you get the impression that I don’t want you to take on more, let me be clear that more can be great! However, you must keep the focus on the things that ARE currently working and minimize adding any unnecessary extras to your life.

So keep in mind, although this blog is intended to be specific towards exercise and programming, feel free to apply what I say for use in other aspects of everyday life.

So back to you feeling that you’re ready to make a change!

But what’s a good, solid reason to make a CHANGE?

Should we make a change because of boredom?

Should we make a change because we never feel sore anymore?

Should we make a change when we feel like we are getting no results? (If this is the case I want to know how you are defining and tracking results!)

The answer to that first question is these are ALL good reasons to make changes. You can change it up whenever you want!

However, it all comes back to your goal(s). Your purpose for training. And that is most likely for results! So if you are bored, but still getting results, then why change?

Far too often I see people change things up for the sake of preventing staleness. Far too often I see people overhaul their regimen because they saw some new exercise or piece of equipment and think it will be the magic bullet.

There will always be other options, other choices, other workouts, and other pieces of equipment. That is never going to change. Yes it might be cool to have 15-20 exercises in your toolkit to choose from. How about devoting an entire workout to 2-3 exercises and see how that works?

Sound easy?

Try this ladder workout: 1  rep up to 10 reps by 1 Squat Presses, Pull-ups, Push-ups.

Yea. That’s what I thought.

I have been training for a long time. On top of that, I’ve read enough books from professionals who have been doing it even longer than I have to understand that no program is better than a consistent devotion to the basics. And although change does serve its purpose in programming, you must know the difference between wanting change and needing change.

And in order to know the difference, you need to know the following:

     - What are your long-term goals?

     - Short term goals?

     - Immediate session goals?

     - Are you meeting these goals?

Knowing the answers to the first three should be directing your program! And a “no” answer to this last question, by the way, is probably the number one best reason to make changes! 

Train with purpose.

Justify why you currently do things, and you’ll be better able to figure out when something new and shiny is wort

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