Four Stretches YOU CAN DO TODAY!!!

written by Katie Flor

Whether you are diligent about working out everyday or you struggle to ding time to fit it in, there are a few stretches that can make anyone's life better. As a modern society, we like an abundantly convenient lifestyle, but we lack the necessary stimulation that kept our bodies finely tuned. We sit down to drive to work, to eat, and when we relax. We site much more than we move, so here are four stretches that can help you begin to reclaim your inherent mobility.

1) Hamstring and Calf/Stretch: Laying on your back, loop a towel or stretching strap around the ball of the foot. Raise that leg up as close as you can to 90 degrees with no bend at the knee. If the knee begins to bend, go back and work on keeping it straight throughout the entire stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

2) Hips and Chest: Laying on your stomach, extend both arms 90 degrees from torso to form a "T". Take your right foot and place it on the ground outside of your left leg by bending the right knee. Squeeze the right glute to put the right hip into extension. Return your right leg and repeat on the left leg.

3) Biceps: Kneeling on hands and knees in a table top position, rotate your hands outward until your fingertips are facing your knees and your elbows are pointed away from you. Slowly rock forward and backward.

4) Wrists: Standing up, place the backs of your hands together in front of your chest so that all five fingers are touching their respective fingers on the opposite hand. Lower your hands as far as you can while maintaining the connection between both hands.


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