3 Tips for a Healthy Week!

Starting the journey to a happier and healthier life has many levels to it, one of the most important is nutrition. What you put in is what you get out. You are the biggest influence in your nutritional heath, but here are some tips to help you look good, feel good, and enjoy eating right.

1. Eat Naturally
 When choosing foods, think fresh not processed. When shopping try to stay on the perimeter of the grocery store, this is where the most wholesome, nutritious foods tend to reside.

2.  Read Your Labels
If you do end up finding yourself lurking down the aisles looking for other foods to eat, read the ingredients before adding it to your cart. The less ingredients the better, and stay away from lists with ingredients you aren't able to pronounce.

3. Find Healthy Alternatives
When cravings strike, you don't have to throw away all the hard work you have done. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to help satisfy your cravings but won't ruin your progress. For example, instead of using sugar, you can use things like honey and agave to sweeten up your smoothies, coffee, etc. or opt for Greek yogurt instead of the regular yogurt cups.

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