Staying Committed!

How many of us are eager to begin a weight loss journey, a new challenge, or even a hobby, only to find ourselves losing our drive and motivation after a few days or weeks? The truth is this happens to most of us. It's hard to stay passionate about something when you find yourself constantly saying "I don't feel like it", or "I'll do it tomorrow". You have to push past these feelings to achieve what you wanted from the start. Here are a few tips to show you how.

 1. Know EXACTLY what you want
Set your goals and analyze them. Think hard about whether your goals are something you really, really want to do, if they are worth your effort and time. If you are hesitant at the start you've already lost. Make sure you are ready to put in 100%. And once you've figured it out write it down.

2. Visualize your goal
Look at your goal as if it is already accomplished. Clear your mind of doubt, disbelief and can't. Visualize how your life would change after you achieve your goal and imagine how you will feel once you get what you want. Yes, its hard to keep all doubt out, but persistence is key here.

3. Set goals within your goal
There will be many steps to achieving your goal. Identify them and acknowledge them. Take everything one day, step, and breath at a time. Set small victories and celebrate them. This will help you gain confidence to continue on your path and help you realize that your goals aren't as far away as they seem.

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