Three Tips to Freshen Your Routine!

Spring is here! The days are getting warmer and now is great time to kickstart your motivation for the season! Start by incorporating these three tips and feel a newly refreshed routine!

1. Find your "why"
Shaping up doesn't always mean losing weight. Your "why" might be just to feel good, have more energy throughout the day, or know you are doing something good for your body. Once you decide why you are doing this for yourself, you will feel the powerful ability to commit to it.

2. Do Something Active Every Day
Eliminate excuses to stay stationary. Any moving around you do is good for your body, physically and mentally. Find some activities you truly enjoy or move around any way you can in short bursts.

3. Start Small
Try an activity your mind and body are new too. Start a little at a time and slowly work your way up to building it into your exercise routine. The accomplishment of learning something new makes for a great mental reward, as well as seeing the changes your body adapts too.

Have an awesome week!!
Team Moljo

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