Finding Motivation & Staying on Track!

Put your thoughts into action. Finding motivation can be difficult at times, but sometimes the pain of not doing something can be greater than the effort of actually doing it - that's where change occurs. Taking just ONE step in the right direction, will ensure motivation to follow. Follow these tips on getting motivated and staying on track!

1. Remember your "Why"
Remind yourself, why did you stat? Why do you want this? What do you actually want to become?

2. Use Accountability
Tell a coach or a friend about your goals and have them hold you accountable for sticking to it. Check in daily & weekly to make sure you are on track!

3. Rely on habits & discipline
When things get complicated, use the habits that you have built and self control to help you stay focused.

4. Track your progress
When you see progress, you will be more likely to keep going and stick to your goals.

5. Make an action plan
Plan out how you are going to achieve your goal by creating smaller goals in between. For instance, if you say to yourself, "I want to eat healthier," you action plan will be, "I will eat 3-5 servings of veggies per day."

Have a great week!!!
Team Moljo

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