Tour De Moljo

Why the Airbike?


Recent studies just discovered that 9.9/10 people who have ridden an Airbike…...hated it!


Maybe it's the constant gasping for air…..


The “I can’t feel my legs” sensation


The dreadful pain of watching the calories climb at a snail's pace…

Could this machine really be that awful? That miserable? That difficult? That challenging?

Perhaps, but we all know what comes after difficulty and challenge….



And a whole lot more if we are talking about the benefits of the Airbike!

This past month we held our first ever Tour De Moljo challenge! The rules were simple, accumulate as many calories as you can on the airbike in the month of May!
Initially, most people found this ridiculous and straight up crazy. BUTTTT!! It created something special!


Participants added hours of more physical activity to their week!

Some “friendly” competition was sparked amongst participants!

Participants were motivated by the public display of their numbers!

Participants embraced the challenge and discomfort of the bike!

Participants held themselves accountable to add more calories to their total!

The Tour De Moljo added elements of “fun” to Team Moljo!

Check out all of those words in bold!  They are all pretty important factors in fitness if you ask me!So congrats to all of those who participated in the Tour De Moljo, it will for certain be back next year!


Anyways, I have learned over the years that its very challenging to convince others to love the Airbike as much as I do. Most won’t commit the time and/or effort required to benefit from the Airbike, however, once people begin to reap its benefits, I guess you can say they become more “tolerant” of this machine.  


Here are some reasons why you should LOVE the Airbike!

1- It’s low impact and can deliver a great workout without compromising the joints and bones.

2-There is no ceiling to the level of intensity you can work at. It’s infinite! Go ahead and try to out work the bike, I dare you!

3- It is the ultimate way to compete against yourself because everything is measured. Heart Rate, Calories, Distance, Watts, RPM’s, Time….you have your choice for performance indicators.

4-It requires 0 skill. Just like the good ole saying, it's as easy as riding a bike, literally.

5- It’s a total body workout and the ultimate energy system trainer.

6- I would argue it has the best cost to benefit ratio of any traditional “cardio” machine.

Less than a thousand bucks is a bargain when you compare it to the few to upwards of ten thousand dollars that other cardio machines cost.

I can go on and on with this list, but at this point you should be convinced.The Airbike is awesome.

If  you’re not convinced,  then check out my Tour De Moljo experience and maybe it will finally have you on Team Air Bike!



The Tour De Moljo for me was a 27 day "adventure" in which I took two recovery days.

Here's some of the things I tracked.

Total Riding days-25

Total time spent on the bike-1597 minutes (26.6 hrs)

Total cals burned- 20000

Avg cals completed/day- 800

Avg cals burned per minute 12.5.

I sliced and diced these calories in many different ways but some of my favorites were:

50 cal repeats for 10-12 rds with 3 min rest in between.

10 up to 60 down to 10 cal ladder X 10

A fifteen minute "program" I'm currently working on.

And some gold Ole “let's rip 100 real quick”.

Have about 10 other ways but these were the most fun!

These were my highlights!

100 cal -3:38 PR (Previous 4:51)

15 minute -291

500 cals 34:30

And many more!

Now the part you care about, the results!

Here they are:

Weight loss of 12 pounds

Body fat decreased 2.7 %

That's in just 27 days and I only did the Airbike. No lifting, nothing!

Was it an easy month? No.

Was it fun? Honestly, at times it was!

But the most exciting part was watching my staff and members get after it during the Tour De Moljo!

Looking for to next May!!!!

Start training now!

-John Moljo


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