STOP! Have you checked out our "Unleash Your Air Bike Potential! (Part One)"? If not....a little piece of advice - start there!!!

[[[Part Two - Hold the Floor]]]

First - the facts: the objective during this workout is to NEVER dip below your 5 minute pace! EVER!

You will have 5 rounds of a 3 minute block

2:40 of each block you must maintain an rpm/cadence of at least your 5 minute pace. For :20 your objective is to push as hard as you can while never dipping below your 2 minute pace. 

I know, I know - what's my five minute pace, what's my two minute pace? I have worked with several people on this bike and collected some data that has allowed me to help you calculate these paces! But for now, choose a pace that you know you can consistently hold for 5 minutes and a pace that you can consistently hold for 2 minutes! Get on the bike and test it out!

The MOST critical part of this workout is as soon as your sprint is over, you fall to your 5 minute pace and NOT BELOW!

Trust me, your body will want to stop, slow down and ultimately give up! DON'T LISTEN!!! Pushing through that moment is the purpose of this workout! 

Some tips:

focus on your breathing

try and relax as much as possible


Don't forget - record your distance, calories, Avg Rpm, Max RPM!

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